Project Description

Mairéad Heffron

I’m Mairéad. I’m a mum to two boys. I’m a yoga teacher and prenatal yoga teacher. I’ve had one homebirth, and one birth in hospital. One really long, one really short. Both challenging and amazing in their own ways.

I think birth is the start of the greatest adventure. For some it’s empowering, beautiful. For some its more than a little daunting. For all of us, it’s really hard work!

As mothers we go into it alone, us and our baby. But the circle we surround ourselves with can help us feel confident in our own strength and our decisions around birth and motherhood.

As your doula, I am there to form part of that circle. To provide the support you need to feel confident and calm around the pregnancy and birth. Confidence to ask the questions you need to and to make decisions that feel right for you and your baby. Calm to manage the strong emotions and feelings of pregnancy and birth.

Always surrounding you and your family with positive support in this very special time.

Skills & Interests:

  • Prenatal yoga teacher
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

Areas/Hospitals Covered

Sligo/Leitrim/South Donegal. Parts of Roscommon and Mayo