Project Description

Carol Arcos


(083) 306 0199

After a few key moments in my life, I came to realise that not only living a life with awareness was important for our wellbeing, but also having a good birth and of course, having a good death too were important to complete a meaningful cycle of life. All these three stages are related and we need to face them all with the same degree of serendipity.

As women, we sometimes need to be reminded of how fortunate we are that our bodies are able to conceive, experience pregnancy and deliver a new life. We are so lucky that our physiology can provide us with such an opportunity for growth. Acknowledging the ripple effect of that experience, we can bring a lot of peace around us and help a new life to start with that same sense of harmony. Why not live it to it’s full potential?!

Wanting to have “good” births myself motivated me to train as a doula and I did it with MaresDoules in Barcelona. I also trained as a lactation counsellor with ALBA in Barcelona and with Cuidiu in Ireland. I had three homebirths of three healthy, wholesome babies. I am very interested in nutrition as a strong foundation for a healthy life. I trained in bioenergy therapy, I am a Qi Gong instructor and a long time meditator. In this pathway I have been deeply inspired by the works of Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Christiane Northrup, Laura Gutman, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Charlotte Joko Beck and many others.

I’d be delighted to share my little gems and accompany women who look for support during their perinatal experience. Contact me if you would like more information about me or my services.

Skills & Interests:

  • Tourism and Business Diploma
  • Food Technology Diploma
  • Reiki therapy level I and II
  • Doula training
  • Alba Lactation Counsellor
  • Cuidiu Lactation Counsellor
  • Bioenergy therapy training
  • Horticulture Certificate
  • Palliative Care Module
  • Qi Gong instructor

Areas/Hospitals Covered

Co. Galway & Co. Clare