Project Description

Geraldine McGettigan

I decided to train as a doula after the birth of my own daughter. My professional background is in public health, but the experience of being pregnant, giving birth and caring for a newborn inspired me to focus more specifically women’s health.

I trained with DONA International as a birth and postpartum doula so that I could support women and their families through this special time in their lives. My approach to birth is to trust the mother and follow her lead. I trust women’s ability to birth their babies. And most importantly, I trust women to make their own decisions about how they wish to do that. How we give birth matters. Our experience of labour and birth stays with us for the rest of our lives – why shouldn’t it be a positive memory? To that end, I support women to birth their babies however they choose.

My philosophy on birth extends through to the postpartum period. I believe that parents should be encouraged to care for their newborns in whatever way feels natural for them. I support new parents to find their own way, to figure out what works for them as a family and not feel pressure to follow instructions on ‘how it should be done’. If you are expecting a baby and are considering having a doula support you through this exciting time of great learning and change, get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

Skills & Interests:

  • Passionate about helping mothers through the Fourth Trimester

Areas/Hospitals Covered

Tralee and surrounding areas in Co. Kerry.