Project Description

Natalia Cuesta


T: 0868986131


I’m originally from Spain but I have been living in different places in Ireland, on and off, since 2008. A few years ago I decided I wanted to leave the corporate life and travel to find out more about myself and my inner skills. I spent years travelling around the world and developing my skills in a wide variety of areas ranging from entrepreneurship and community management to yoga and meditation. During my travels I participated in many volunteer work exchanges, from a farm in New Zealand to a sea turtle nesting project in Costa Rica passing through a mindfulness school in Thailand.

I firmly believe in magic, in energy and the power of connectedness between people. My main desire was always to collaborate and do my bit in helping to create a happier life for as many people as possible, and this became more tangible once that I met the love of my life: my daughter Keela. Through her I grow as a woman, as a mother and as a person and I learn new things every single day.

I couldn’t have the homebirth I wanted in Kerry because of the shortage of homebirth midwives in the area so I hired a doula to help me through pregnancy and labour and I firmly believe that every birthing person should have access to a birth and postpartum doula. That’s the main reason why I became one, to nurture mothers and help them to become their best self.

My mantra: There Is Always a Way

Skills & Interests:

  • Spanish and English
  • Passionate about connecting people together
  • GentleBirth Instructor
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Holding space for pregnancy loss
  • Birth Support plan
  • Postpartum plan
  • Breastfeeding advocate
  • Passionate about babywearing

Areas/Hospitals Covered

I’m based in Limerick city but I cover Limerick, East Clare, Tipperary, North Cork and some parts of north Kerry.