Project Description

Rita Mahon


T: +353 87 741 7448


I qualified as a Birth Doula in 2014 after the Gentle birth of my third daughter.

I am a mother of three girls and I’m passionate about pregnancy, birth, and mothers getting the physical and emotional help they need to transition to parenthood.

My goal is for you to feel empowered about birth whether it is a home birth or hospital birth, with a Midwife or a Doctor, with or without an epidural as long as it feels right for YOU.

I can help you write a Birth Plan, give tips and techniques for coping with the intense physical sensations and emotional/psychological demands of labor and answer any questions you may have. I qualified in holistic massage in 2005 and can provide hands on comfort measures during labour.

I also provide feeding support and postpartum care. In this I can help you get to know your babies feeding cues, help you find comfortable holds and feeding/ winding positions and techniques, assist with light house work around the house, entertain an older child, help with meal prep or hold the baby while you have a nap or a shower.

For years I’ve chatted with local mothers and friends about their birth and new parent experiences and coming to terms with them. I’m happy to discuss them and where your head is at at the moment. My Birth Debrief Service helps women and their partners to tell the story of their birth experience and have the opportunity to express their feelings, positive or negative. Resolve unanswered questions about their birth, and help then to understand why things may have happened.

Skills & Interests:

  • Qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor
  • Postpartum Care
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Body Art
  • Birth Debrief Service

Areas/Hospitals Covered

All Dublin Hospitals and Homebirths in Dublin & surrounding areas.